one day host the Olympic Games

The 8 teams in this stage will enter the Asian cup finals directly and will also attend the third qualifying round of the World Cup, which will be played with 12 teams in two groups of 6 teams. But the assignment of the other four teams in this phase is determined from the second eight teams in tables A to H. That is, the second four teams that have achieved the best result in terms of points will advance to the third round.

The important thing is that if two or more teams are to score the same score of the fate of the climb, we should refer to Article 20 of the 2022 World Cup regulations. First, the goal difference of the teams is examined. If the goal difference is equal, the scored goal is more calculated. If the goals are equal, the rule of fair play will

be calculated as

follows: yellow card: 1

the negative score of the

second yellow card leads to dismissal: 3 negative points direct red card: 4 negative points yellow card and direct red card: 5 negative points

current status

of bahrain group table 6 3 3 0 111 11 10 difference 12 points

iraq 5 3 2 0 91 2 7 difference 11 points

iran 5 3 0 2 2014 4mes 16 points 9 points

hong kong 6 1 2 3 41 8 4- difference 5 points

cambodia 6 0 1 5 11 30 29- difference 1 points

but as we know, in the Asian region's second-round tables, a team is rested in each round. for example, Iran went to hong kong and Bahrain met with Cambodia, but Iraq did not have a match. in the rotation of the 5-team tables, a team always rests. accordingly, the hong kong team will rest in the second round of the return round. in the third round, the Bahraini team will rest on the final day of the Cambodian team. this means that even Bahrain or Iraq may finish third in the table at the end of the tournament and stay out of the third round.

remaining games

iraq - cambodia (monday 7 june at 19:00)

iran - bahrain (monday 7 june at 21:00)

iran - cambodia (friday 11 june 

iraq - hong kong (friday 11 june at 21:00)

Iran - Iraq (Tuesday 15 June

at 21) Bahrain - hong kong (Tuesday 15 June at 21)

the important point in the Asian region was the North Korean team's withdrawal from the competition due to the covid-19 outbreak. the team's absence prompted FIFA to make a new decision. the team's remaining games were initially scheduled to be announced 3-0 in favor of competitors, but this was soon rejected because of what was inconsistent with the spirit of chivalry and football. ultimately, Fifa decided to take the fifth team out of the scores table.

we may think in the first place that at the end of the tournament, the total points and goals exchanged by the fifth team will be eliminated from the table. but it won't be like that. after completing

the tournament, a) the second and fifth teams of all eight tables are separated from the rest of the teams.

b) points and goals exchanged in the two matches between the second and fifth teams of the table are eliminated from the second team.

c) points, goals scored and a new goal difference of the second teams will be compared.

d) the second top 4 teams will qualify for the third round after this calculation.