You Won't Believe What These Players Do After Scoring A Touchdown

You Won't Believe What These Players Do After Scoring A Touchdown

It’s no secret that football players love to celebrate after scoring a touchdown. And while plenty of them have their own signature moves, one thing is universally true—they love having their teammates join in on the fun! The following videos will show you what happens when football players score and are joined by their fellow athletes, and you won’t believe it. Check out these football players as they do things like form an arrow using their bodies, take selfies with fans and each other, and high-five each other so hard that they knock themselves down!

The most popular touchdown celebration

The Wu: Have you ever wondered what NFL players do after scoring a touchdown? You’ve probably seen it. They jump up, pull their pants, and start dancing in an animalistic fashion. This movement is called The Wu, and it has taken over football stadiums across America. Here are three fun facts about The Wu that you didn’t know!

How some players get creative with their celebrations

Nowadays, we expect touchdown celebrations in football to be outrageous. Of course we want players to celebrate with excitement and enthusiasm, but it’s also nice to see some creativity thrown into those end-zone dances. Of course, some players take that creativity too far – drawing unsportsmanlike conduct penalties or even suspensions. But others draw inspiration from celebrations of former NFL greats before them and give us memorable moments that get etched into our memories forever.

The easiest touchdown celebrations to do

For starters, these moves are easy because they’re over almost as soon as they begin. Sure, you can do a Gangnam Style dance for about 1 minute but you don’t have to be too athletic for it. Here are three awesome moves that won’t leave you gasping for air on your way back to huddle: 1) Sack Dance – Football is a physical game and there are few things that make it more satisfying than sacking an opposing player. Try showing your appreciation by doing a sack dance next time you take one of your own opponents down. 2) Funnel Cake Dance – If touchdowns aren’t enough motivation to get up and down with excitement, then maybe funnel cakes will do it for you?

5 Greatest All-Time Touchdown Celebrations

Football is known for its big wins, but it’s equally famous for some of its big celebrations after touchdowns. Football players have come up with some incredible ways to celebrate over their long history of play, and you won’t believe some of these touchdown celebrations . . . Each week football teams across America score touchdowns—touchdowns that are celebrated with dances, cartwheels and sometimes even a little shirtless fun! If you’re looking for something a little more tame than your team’s standard celebration then these celebrations should be right up your alley. So check out what we think are the five greatest all-time touchdown celebrations in NFL history!

The best part of any touchdown celebration is when the player runs over to his team mate who threw him the ball

he usually proceeds to give him a bear hug and lift him off his feet. But some players take it one step further: they proceed to playfully wrestle their celebrating partner, much to everyone’s delight. Here are a few of our favorite touchdown celebrations...and what they mean: #1 The Bow-and-Arrow : If you throw down a touchdown, show your love for traditional Native American cultures by pulling out an old-fashioned bow and arrow.

10 Greatest NFL Football Games Ever Played

The Houston Oilers entered halftime of their December 18, 1972 game against the Miami Dolphins with a 15-14 lead. The teams then combined for 34 second-half points to send it into overtime, where Miami prevailed 27-24 on Garo Yepremian’s field goal. It was one of many outstanding games in NFL history that never came close to being an all-time great — until now. Without further ado, here are 10 legendary games (all featuring quarterbacks who won a Super Bowl) you may have forgotten were even played: 1.

What are some of your favorite football games?

 First, there are many sports that aren’t football, such as soccer, rugby and Australian Rules football. Second, when people say football they typically mean American football; they rarely mean Canadian football (known by some as rugby with pads on) or European football (the type played in England), both of which are significantly different from American football.

Why did you pick these games as your favorites?

For every sports fan out there, watching your favorite team score a touchdown is one of those things that you never want to miss. Now, imagine being so passionate about football that you refuse to take a single second off when it comes to following your beloved sport. That's right, we're talking about extreme fans who dedicate all their free time just to watching and attending games! Since even die-hard fans like these will sometimes have some extra time in their hands while they're cheering on their favorite teams, we decided to ask them what they do when they’re waiting for a kickoff or when they’re just taking a breather from all of that nonstop action.

Can you think of another game that should be on this list

11 Things You Never Knew About Ice Hockey. Football, known in many countries as soccer, is a sport that’s played between two teams of eleven players. The goal of each team is to get a ball called a football into an opposing team’s net or goal.